Live Visuals

Within the entertainment industry nowadays you’ve got to have live visuals to support a performance. Live visuals on stage create an ambience, support a performer and/or deliver a message to the audience. We create live visuals according to your taste for events, award-shows, businesses, club-nights and more!

Video Installations

We develop interactive installations for events, education and institutions. Creativity and interaction are among our key goals. We often like to involve our audience to interact with our installations so they participate in the end result and make the experience their own. We’re always looking for new techniques and applications to create an unique and fun installation.


Have you always wanted to be an animator, video-jockey or light-painter? We can make this come true with our extensive range of workshops. It doesn’t matter to us if it’s for primary- or secondary-education, we even provide customised master classes for adults.
We have courses stretching from a few hours up to several days. It’s possible to adjust our workshops to a learning objective or theme. You name it, it’s all possible!



Viesueel Geweld is an audio-visual collective based in Groningen the Netherlands. Gerrald van der Kolk and Willemijn van Arnhem are the core of this collective and work together since 2009. They met each other at the Academy of Popculture where they both studied back in the days. The name of the collective derives from Dutch and freely translates into ‘Visual Violence’.

Through their experience, knowhow and network they’re flexible enough to do small as well as big audio visual projects.



Live Visuals

We’ve got loads of experience in providing visuals for Events, Festivals, Theatre, Clubs and any other initiative you can think of.

Nowadays we prefer to get involved in the stage design process for a strong visual concept where light-design, music and theme come together.

For every event we make customised video-loops, we can integrate video streams, twitter fountains and more upon request. We often create our own software solutions to fit those specific needs within the industry.


For the 2nd edition of the Ajyal Youth Film Festival in Doha (QA) we were invited to do a video-mapping on the facade of a building as well as a workshop which showcased video-mapping technology during the day.

Within the workshop children could make their own stop-motion animations. Once they’re finished, these animations would automatically appear in the video-mapping.

At sunset and during the evening the facade of the building was video-mapped as well. The visuals we made for the video-mapping where inspired by the logo and artwork of the festival.

Text Jockey at Sencity

Sencity is a unique party concept which travels around the world where hearing and hearing impaired can celebrate together.

These parties evolve around the five senses; hearing, feeling, tasting, smelling and last but not least seeing. The senses are translated into a vibrating dance-floor, aroma jockey, food jockey and text jockeys.

As text jockeys we’re challenged with the assignment to translate all the lyrics of the performers on stage into visuals. These visuals are an explosion of movement, color and typography to visualise the emotions of a specific track.

Since 2011 we’re part of the Sencity team and we’ve performed in almost every popstage in the Netherlands as well as a gig in London in 2014.




opLICHTers is a fun light-graffiti installation that was developed for the Cinekid Festival 2014 in Groningen (NL).
With a little bit of LED-strip technology, a dolly, homemade software and a whole lot of fantasy the children can draw anything they want on a sheet of paper and re-appear within their own drawing!

Photo Album - Cinekid 2014


Infinitas consists of two standalone installations made for the 400th anniversary of the University of Groningen around the theme ‘for infinity’.

Infinite Selfies could be made within our MirrorBox which stood alongside our Infinite Mirror in the Groninger Museum during the Night of Arts and Sciences 2014.




Sharing our knowledge is one of our passions. Our workshops stretch from stop-motion animation, video-jockeying (VJ) up to video-mapping.

The movie to the right shows an example where children had to visualise Pharrell Williams song Happy through stop-motion animation.


Since a couple of years we do the production of Senself when the event takes place in the north of the Netherlands. In 2014 we organised a workshop programme for children in the afternoon as well as a multi sensitive theatre experience with a theatre group who are physically or mentally disabled for the Noorderzon Festival in Groningen (NL).

Like Sencity, Senself stimulates all senses through smell, vibration, taste, seeing and hearing in a cultural experience.

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